who we are

Photo by Montana Lee

Photo by Montana Lee


Shannon is a wildfire woman and a blue ridge mountain. She laughs and cusses a lot. She is the most inspired by wilderness, honesty and people who are in love with each other. You can find her howling at the moon way back in the woods or hanging out by the fire with her dogs + husband, Andrew. Coffee is one of her love languages and she likes to hang out with folks who are down to earth and unafraid of their authenticity. 

Photo by Shannon Horton

Photo by Shannon Horton


Kathryn is a gentle heart with a contagious laugh. She finds respite when immersed in the wilderness, mountain biking with her partner Ian, and sharing real heart-felt conversation with others. Even as an avid adventurer with a travelers spirit, the Blue Ridge Mountains always call her home. She prefers hugs over handshakes, honesty over perfection, and individuality over tradition. 


photo & video

At Untamed we believe in the importance of capturing your day in both photo and film. We know that memories are made in the big moments - the exchange of rings, your first kiss - as well as the spaces in-between. We want to chronicle the emotional experience and preserve your memories to share with loved ones, allowing you to relive it again and again.  


why elope?

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of sharing your vows with your beloved in a sacred space, only the trees to bare witness. Maybe the thought of planning a huge ceremony makes you want to run off and say “I do!” without pressure or pretense. Maybe you love the idea of showing up to your ceremony, ready to soak in every moment of the day without distraction. Whatever the reason, you know that you want an experience that is honest and intimate. With an Untamed Elopement you have the freedom to shape your wedding to truly reflect your spirit.  We'll follow you to the top of a soaring mountain, the base of a waterfall or wherever your hearts feel home. 


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Love more, worry less

A ceremony with the Untamed Elopement Collective is an experience unlike any other. We are here to handle all of the details of your day, allowing you to enjoy the time before, during, and after with your partner - not planning or coordinating. You are free to be as hands on - or off - as you would like. You are free from the expectation that comes with huge wedding and hundreds of guests. We know planning can be daunting and sometimes downright stressful. Our deepest hope is to take away any burdens and give you the space to simply show up and be present with one another.



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Giving Back

Taking care of our earth and all the creatures who inhabit it is second nature to us. This is why we donate 5% of each elopement price to The Natural Resources Defense Council.

We believe in keeping natural spaces protected, healthy, and beautiful.