To be honest, we were a bit intimidated by finding people who would understand our vision and be supportive of our elopement. Fortunately, life has a way of working it’s magic and it connected our fate with Shannon and Andrew, Kathryn, and Stephanie. These people are filled with so much love and beautiful energy, we are truly lucky to have found them.

Imagine being an engaged couple living 700 miles away, chosen to be part of a stylized shoot out in the mountains in Asheville. We had no idea what to expect, we just knew we wanted to do something similar for our elopement and we jumped on the opportunity to try it out, and see if this is really what we wanted to do. Let me just set the scene here, you have no experience in front of the camera, but a ton of experience being in love. That day, our nervousness melted into the fog on top of the mountins. We were surrounded by new friends who just made us feel good and cheered on our love. We became so wrapped up in eachother distracted by our love, we forgot they were there. We realized this is what we wanted for our elopement, and it was everything.

Stephanie is the master of blossoms. She created such a beautiful bouquet for the stylized shoot. I’ve never held such an arrangement in my life before. It was lush, dramatic and just so uniquely stunning. It was boldly different to any wedding bouquet I’ve ever seen in my life yet elegant and soft it was mesmerizing. For the stylized shoot, my hair had been picked up for a flower comb Stephanie had made for me to wear. It honestly didn’t feel like this wasn’t real life. This flower comb was so beautiful, I still have it saved as a memory of Stephanie’s magic. The stylized shoot was all so enchanting it felt like it all belonged in a fairy tale, yet it was all real and we lived the magic.

Kathryn’s smile will warm your heart. From the start she is constantly at work recording moments. Which is funny because we would forget this, relax, and act like ourselves, and then “POOF” magic! Her film captures all those soft and gentle moments, the goofy moments, and happy moments. She captured our essence as a couple. The films she’s made evoke so much emotions. We can’t watch them without crying, you can feel the love from the images she captures each and every time, it will give you goosebumps. We relive our elopement each time we watch our film. I’m not just saying that, we are truly transported back to that day in October each time. It’s that powerful. If it were possible, I wish all my memories were filmed by her.

Shannon and Andrew share a love for one another and nature which is contagious. Their passion pours into their work. We look back at our photos from them and we see this beautiful story of two people deeply in love with one another. We have caught ourselves just being in complete awe and saying to one another in disbelief “Is this real life? Is that us? It is us!” It is us, and my word. It takes our breath away each time. Somehow they can capture the emotion of love and it’s depicted in all of our pictures. It’s truly incredible.

With our elopement, Kathryn, Shannon and Andrew were just the right people to help capture that day. We felt we were among friends cheering us on as we embarked on our new journey in life. Our connection with them was natural. They cheered our love and made us feel so special. They were there, but also melted into the forest during our elopement. We weren’t forced to pose or do certain things on their schedule. Our elopement with them felt organic, we were us, we felt our love for one another and did things as we wanted. Our chance encounter of finding these wonderful people on Instagram left us with new lifelong friends, and we are so thankful for the mysterious way life works.

The moments they captured will forever be special to us. Our wedding became the start to our incredible adventure. Staying in a treehouse, getting married to my best friend in middle of a forest and starting our new chapter wild and free, we wouldn’t have had it any other way.
— Melissa + Josh

Our experience with Andrew, Shannon, and Kathryn was amazing.
I was so worried to find the right people to document our day since I strongly believe there has to be some sort of connection between photographers, videographers and the couple. If you don’t make a good match the experience just won’t be the same, but boy did I luck out with these three. They were always so responsive and helpful while we planned remotely, and the minute we met on my wedding day they were SO friendly and welcoming and so genuinely excited to be apart of our day. I truly felt like I had known them for years.

Looking back, It didn’t feel like they were doing a job - it didn’t feel forced. Everything was natural and fun, which is exactly what we wanted it to be. My husband and I are pretty laid back, so we knew we didn’t want a huge party or ceremony. We wanted to do something that represented us and our love, so we packed our bags and went to our favorite mountains and had the best vacation. We got married on a random Tuesday evening alongside some of the best people I’ve ever met. Everything about it was perfect to me, and I wish I could relive it over and over again.

I am so grateful for finding Shannon, Andrew and Kathryn. Their love and kindness radiates from them when you meet them and pours in through their work. If anyone is ever doubting to elope or have a private ceremony, I say just go for it. I don’t believe I would have felt so close and experienced all that love I did on that night from my husband while having to worry about guests, music etc. All of my attention was on him, and all of his attention on me. I would never have had it any other way. Thank you so much Shannon, Andrew and Kathryn for being such an amazing BIG part of the best night of my life thus far.
— Jessica + Chris