Why we created The Collective

The Untamed Elopement Collective was formed out of a desire for more.

More creativity. More individuality. More meaningful connections and most importantly, more love.


 We are a group of creatives that trust, work best with, and love the heck out of one another. We respect, value and honor each other's art. We find that our hearts come alive in elopements. They allow us to get to know our couples on a deeper, more personal level and, in turn, provide us the time and creative freedom to make our best work. 


For our couples, we believe in the beautiful space eloping provides, allowing you to embrace the day more fully.  We are eager to encourage you to willfully let go of expectations and do what fits your unique relationship. We want you to throw traditions to the wind and embrace your authentic selves. We want to take the weight of planning off your shoulders and let your focus on the purpose of your marriage.


Above all else, we want you to be surrounded by a community of people during your elopement day who aren't just doing their job, but people who genuinely care for you. We will be there to cheer you on, help you get dressed, pour you a glass of champagne and shed a few happy tears right alongside you. We want to be there for you every step of the way.


We hope that you walk away from your ceremony filled to the brim with love and ready to begin your newest adventure.